Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yaritza's blog

I was lucky enuff to win another one too. U need to check out these blogs and Play it is so much FUN! U can win too.. Just jump on in and PLAY!! We have a really good time. Be sure to check them out U learn so much! Every body is just wonderful..So check Out Yaritza's blog too .This is what I made and won on . They work so hard to make these Blogs and make the videos..I THANK them every chance I get. I don't get to go out to crops ..I am a stay at Home care giver and am also in bad health .. Blogs makes me HAPPY!!

Blog Blog Blog

I M A Blog A Holic OOOOOOOOOOO and a BUGGER too Check out the Buggin site WOO HOOOOO OOOOOOOOO and the things they show you how to make you can keep are give as gifts.. So U R a winner either way...

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Jesakuh said...

Hi there!

Thank you so much for your kind words. I saw that you wanted to make the picture of the tags bigger. If you go back to my blog and click on the Cricut link under the tag post, you'll see I posted pics of each individual tag, this will allow you to see more details.

Love your blog and your creations!!



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