Monday, February 28, 2011

LOVE THAT BUG --Create A Critter Series 8

Stacy from Love That Bug is moving right along..i dont care every time I make one i have to say THAT IS JUST STINKIN CUTE CUTE CUTE~!!!
I used Stamps of Life Stamps.. Dont forget come and PLAY!!! U going to have some really Nice cards when she gets done.. U got to see them in your hands to really ENJOY them.. THANK YOU STACY..
Here is mine..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

LOVE THAT BUG --Create A Critter Series 7

OK Stacy Used the Snake this time dont be scared..:O) Dont forget you can go to her blog and she has these on You Tube to show you How step by Step. LOVE THAT BUG

Here is my take of it.. Thanks STACY!!

LOVE THAT BUG --Create A Critter Series 6

WOW I got it done This has been a ruff week.Got my spacers in yesterday and Man do my mouth hurt..:O(. Its not for my teeth it is for my jaw my teeth are fine
My jaw is NOT..:O(
Hubbie been sick but is doing much better..DOING these are the BEST MEDICINE for me..

OK Enuff about me..Stacy is making the cards with just the basics she is not using embellishments are nothing just the cuts on the Cart. You decide how to Embellish I can not wait to have them all UMMMIE!!! Thank U Stacy.
Ok Go to LOVE THAT BUG and she will have a link to her Videos too.. LOVE THEM videos..
And You Know what stamps I Use.. THE STAMPS OF LIFE OF COURSE..:O)
Stacy is going to have a big surprize at the end...Come and PLAY!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

LOVE THAT BUG --Create A Critter Series 5

WELL I finally got CAC Series 5 done YIPIEEEEEEE!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LOVE THAT BUG --Create A Critter Series 4

WOW I think I M caught up.. I M having so much fun with this.. I Love these little critters.. I can not wait to see what Stacy @ Love That Bug makes next I know it going to be thePIG..♥♥♥
Come and Play...Stamps are from The Stamps of Life.. VANESSA U better Hurry .. U R way BEHIND!!! LOLOLOL

LOVE THAT BUG --Create A Critter Series 3

Dont forget to go By LOVE THAT BUG and watch her make them.. I M LOVING THIS...

My friend and I are going to try to get on SKYPE this week end and Make some more of Stacys cards..:O) O I used Stamps OF Life Stamps.. OF COURSE!!!♥♥♥


LOVE THAT BUG --Create A Critter Series 1

Stacy is doing a Create A Critter series.. I M like her I LOVE that cart..

To see Hers go to LOVE THAT BUG and Play along U will end up with some REALLY REALLY CUTE CARDS!! THANK U STACY!!
Here's my Little Prince...:O) I used Stamps Of Life Stamps

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I M going to try to Play along with Stacy at Love that Bug.. I Love Create a Critter and she sure is making some cute cards.. I started on card 2 of course-- That my Hubbies Name..... ♥♥♥
I plan to make card one too. Thank YOU STACY!!
She also has videos on you tube ..U R A Hoot Video here


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