Saturday, December 18, 2010


O I M loving there GIVE AWAY
I Love The Sure Cuts Alot 2 Program it is my favorite OF EVERY THING!!


O WHAT A GREAT GIVE AWAY... I just Love TIM.. WHO DONT..:O) Thanks Deb for telling me.. WHOO HOOOO!!!♥♥♥
Go to Yours ARtfully to ENTER...

Bunches of GOODIES..

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Freebie SVG Santa Baby Layout today

I got to do another layout today I do these for FUN and for my own purpose as I need themI hope U find something you can use.I LOVE sharing. When I do my words I start with the middle letter first I like mine off some..I drew the Little Santa Mouth with a Red gel pen.The Nose I used a little red Bling dot.The eyes are GOOGLE eyes.. The Border at the top I used my Fiskars Border Punch .

You can decorate any way you like.. I use SCAL 2

My Santa got a Little WONKIE.. I turned around and Hootie Tootie (my Kittie)was sitting on him..To DownLoad click On Layout

O I M happy to say I got to ORDER JOLLY HOLIDAY today from WAL-MART U might have heard me HOLLER So check it out if you are looking for it.. It is back in stock..

This is how I lay out my cuts this file will have 3 pages

Friday, December 10, 2010

FREEBIE SVG Words 4 Today

Here are a few words I worked on I needed for a layout so I Hope U can use them too.I use SCAL2


I use a 12 X 12 I have them grouped so U should have no problem using them on 6 X 12 just move them around U can do anything U want I give u SOMEthing it is yours..:O)

O if the down load does not work try again later PLEASE they only let so many .. I think.. IT is a free site.. I know it's working cause there been a lot of down loads..:O)

Click on Image for down load....


I got to Play some last Night No matter How bad U feel paper Crafting always MAKES U FEEL BETTER. If U got the Blues Pull out some PAPER AND CRAFT...:O)

I used Create a Critter and for the Hat I used 3 Birds On Parade and I used my deckle scissors to trim the Rims of the hats I used Stamps Of Life Stamps..DCWV papers

O I designed these with the Gypsy so I could be sure to get the hats the right size..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thank you DALE..

Dale sent me an award.. That made me WARM all over and I needed that tonight CAUSE IT COLDDDDDD!!

Thank You DALE!!!♥♥♥
The other requirement is for me to tell you 8 things about me and then forward this on to 8 other stylish bloggers. So here we go.......
I am married going on 27 years now to the Hooter Man. I have 4 sisters they R Y I Breathe..
I have one son JR Eugene from my first Marriage He is 37 now.. He is more mature than I M!!
I have 8 Kitties they are My babies
I have one goat he is My Big Old baby boy
I got into crafting a LONG LONG time ago I LOVE IT!!
I guess my favorite thing now is Learning how to do Sure Cuts Alot 2
I am also a Fiskateer No matter how bad you feel they will cheer you up!!Come on and JOIN..It is FREE..
I LOVE BLOG HOPPING and Learning new Things to CRAFT!!
1.Alice..Get Creative
2.Debra ..Art Crafty
4.Groovy Deb..If It's Groovy
5.Debby..Debby's Dare
6.Sudie..Simply Sudie
7.Mary..Cardz TV


I have LOOKED and LOOKED and LOOKED I can not find Jolly Holidays anywhere..I Love that Little Snowman.. WELL I made me one in SCAL.. I Love him.. I can not believe I went this long with out SCAL.. THANK U SCAL!!

Leo and Mary Thanks for all the Videos too..I could not have done it with out them.. They make it easy peasy...

O I do not work for them I do not know them I am not RELATED I am just a BIG FAN...:O) ♥♥♥

When u go to down load and if it does not work Please try again later I think they only let so many a day.. It is a Free site..

Thanks ..

Here's my Little SNOMAN he is not perfect but he is perfect enuff for me..:O) I Used Peachy Keen Stamps for face .I got so excited I for got to emboss the hat and present..Guess what I just used the shapes that are in the Program Like circles and triangles and squares UNREAL!! It is so MUCH FUN!! LITTLE SNOWMAN Download..Hope this is working! When U look at my cuts I try to have them in the colors that I use But U can use any color U want ..:O)

Merry Christmas!!


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Colour Create Blinkie