Thursday, September 4, 2008


Look what my dear friend sent me for my birthday. It was delivered to the front door Hubbie was hollering Who sent U flowers who sent u flowers.Thank You SALLY!! I Love it.. I have named her Sally!! She is a "SCHEFFLERA BONSAI"..


Colleen said...

What a fun thing to get. So was your husband jealous at first?

Debbie Buckland said...

A very happy birthday to you! What a great pressie!

hey Mary - hoping to do a video blog soon. ;) means more videos than usual. lol

MaryNSC said...

colleen...U know what I think he was more relieved that i didnt spend any money..LOLOLOL

Debby said...

Too too funny your husband's reaction. I hope your special day was a lot of fun.

michelle said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday !! thankyou for your birthday wishes and for playing along

Yorka said...

Hi Mary,
I can just see Hoot doing that. LOL

His reaction and a Bonsai too? What a cool present.

Jesus watch over you and keep you safe and happy always.

Love ya,

Lisa said...

Beautiful plant, I hope you had a wonderful birthday!


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