Friday, October 3, 2008


Have U gone and gotten the New OH SCRAP Lots of great Ideas in it.If U write Debbie some ideas u can be in it too.She even sent me a recipie.It was very good too. I ate cake from New Zealand. It was FUN to try something new.. We need to do that Every Body send in a recipie they LOVE from there area.If U want the recipie Ask Debbie..UM UM!!!


Anonymous said...

lol thanks Mary.... I've already had one ask for the reciepy. lol you are so funny!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mary! I did ask Debbie and I'm going to make one this week. Am thinking of making several for the winter holidays. (They make lovely gifts.)
I do love the idea of swapping recipes and making them. ; )
Cheers 2 U!

Tammy said...

Oh this looks yummy, I am going to have to ask for this recipe!!


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