Monday, December 8, 2008

Fiskateer Party 2008

O what a wonderful time we had...Holly was a wonderful host she made us feel so WELCOME! I can not wait to go back..I love her store and her. Debby, Sondra,Fran,Patti, Karen and my sister Hopey Thank U so much for so much fun.. Even tho all kept steeling my goodies.. I STILL DONT THINK I LIKE THAT GAME...HAHAHAHAHA
I still dont know which goodie to Play with first I can not deal with so many choices. If you Look at the slide show U will c a lot of the stuff they made. O such beautiful work!! Once again Thank yawl for such a wonderful DAY!!!To check all the info on
Holly ..(Click On Holly's name)

Hollys Little helper Morgan was Precious too..

O keep checking My You Tube site I m uploading some videos..
Hugs Mary


Anonymous said...

Morgan was her name. Wasn't that a great day? All the pics of me are just sitting back watching lol I'm still new. Now I need a second go at it.

Anonymous said...

You all had fun it looks like.

lol it is a mean game but it also teaches some really good principle... don't get too attached to your stuff. lol

I wish I was with you all........ I would have taken an item first that I already had. lol Then someone was bound to take it from me and I would have ended up with something I wanted. he he

lots of love Debbie

cal8007 said...

I saw the YouTube video, via my yahoo group and it looked you guys had so much fun. I've tried joining twice by sending an email at the Fiskars page, but haven't received an answer. Is there another way to join?


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