Sunday, May 3, 2009


Today I have felt better than I have in A LONG LONG TIME!!

I want to THANK Every body for all the cards and the goodies..

I luvs each and every one!!



Niki_Ray said...

I am so glade to here your feeling better today Mary!! Woohoo :) XoXo Niki_Ray

Niki_Ray said...

So glade to hear your feeling better Woohoo!! Also I see your son has a GSD we have one too his name is Cheif :) Have a great morning :)XoXo Niki_Ray

Anonymous said...

Take care!
big ((((HUGS))))
from me.

Yaritza said...

You look so cute in your whiskers. Can't wait to meet you on the 15th!

MaryNSC said...

I want be there till the 16th
I got your SIzzix die too..
I can not wait..

MaryNSC said...

I M FEELING FANTASIC I just about got all the drugs out of my system !!
Those doctors can keep there PILLS..:O)

Anonymous said...

Mary, did you get the pics of Hannah I emailed to you??

We have been having rain storms for a week. I'm am water-logged!

Too bad I gave my boat to my son.

Keep feeling better!

Love ya!


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