Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lisa's Paper Casting

O I had fun with this one.. Be sure to use fresh toilet tissue not used.. I M sorry I just had to throw that in Forgive me I M OLD!!! HHAHAHAH!!
Thank You Lisa and Deb..I did not have the same stamp I just grabbed one of my wooden rubber ones you just want something with deep grooves.I kept looking at this OLD silverware tray out of a dish washer trying to think of a way to look prettier on my table WELL I think this DONE IT.LISA.. OO And I used Deb's Spray Paint it worked PERFECT and I think It will hold my flower togather Better cause of the glue in it.She starts telling it about at 3:40sec.
To see the recipies Click On Lisa to see how to Paper Cast and the recipie for the Paint Click On Debs Name..


Kristin said...

Mary!!! You toally did an awesome job on this!! Love hot it came out. WTG.

lfalduto said...

Oh Mary, this is wonderful! You did a fantastic job on this technique. You get a passing grade in my summer school class....ROFLOL!!!!

kisatrtle said...



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