Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CKS 2009

O I had so MUCH FUN!

But I M beat and back Home and
READY To Craft and BLOG!!!


kisatrtle said...

It is so fun isn't it? You look like you had a great time

Sweetdrops45 said...

Oh my gosh we had a ball at the CKC, I was with my friends we had a ball on top of a ball , we shop until my toes where rurling up , and boy was I tied when I got home.... but it where worth every dime of it , I hope will be able to do it AGAIN next year :-0

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

what a fun gal you are, your blog is and your son done a fabulous job on those letters for his band...that Cricut is prety amamzing.....have a wonderful weekend!

enjoy *~*

Ms. Jackie said...

It looks like you had a great time. I saw the video. It was so funny. I don't know if it was what was going on, but you giving blow by blow.... you are too funny.


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