Friday, September 10, 2010

Southern Scrapbook

Hopey took me to Southern Scrapbook yesterday we had a BALL! We got to meet the Owner and she treated us Like We had known each other all our LIVES!! We bought some Cards for the flower soft.. Hopey sat down and Made this card is it NOT the MOSTEST BEAUTIFUL CARD EVER..THANK U Peggy for such a WONDERFUL End to my BIRTHDAY !! We shall return!!

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Sweetdrops45 said...

Oh my gosh Hopey, I love your card and the colors are beautiful...I think Mary is a little jealous, You two sisters are so talent. I love both of your work ,,, now the best thing for you to do Mary is keeping on making more cards for us , you have the talent... That card is so stinking cute, I love it.


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