Wednesday, May 4, 2011

LOVE THAT BUG --Create A Critter Series 37

So far this has been the Hardest one to do...It's little tail kept tearing I m not even going to tell u what her Udders would do lets just say it took many a cut to get them.. I even changed my blade.. You really need to go watch Stacy's video this time The cow is missed up mine did the very same thing ..Thanks Stacy I would still be shaking my head..:O)

OK 2 go see the video go To LOVE THAT BUG and click on Stacy's link to go see it..

Stacy I had to change the color of the barn cause my Barn is red..:O)


lovemypaper said...

Very nice card, Mary I will be posting mine tomorrow. Oh yes this one is a little harder,but it was fun!

Godzoned said...

very cool

Love That Bug said...

I love your card and the red bard in great. I really like the inside


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