Saturday, March 17, 2012


Guess what I have already got my Easter goodies made for my sisters NO worry they wont see these They don't know how to find it here..
SO I thank you for all the emails makes me HAPPY!!
I have to use Google Browser to get this to work..
I used My Eclips and Bags and Boxes 1 and 2
the flower I got from the Pieces from the Bird House
I used The Stamps Of Life Stamps The Happy Easter on the Front and The Bunny on the back came from Bunny4Easter..
What I also did was I cut out my flowers in different sizes and then I cut the smaller one down to fit inside the bigger ones..They were so easy and FUN to Make Thanks for LOOKING..♥♥♥
People are asking how I get my cuts around my stamps I scan them in and open them in my Ecal for my eclips and I use my Ecal software..LOVE IT!!!!


NickelNook said...

Those are super cute, Mary! Those stamps are adorable! I keep thinking I need to buy some of those Stamps of Life Stamps because I really like all of them!
Thanks for sharing! Good for you for being so ahead of the game with your Easter projects!...Nancy :o)

Renee said...

How cute Mary!! You go girl!

Sweetdrops45 said...

Oh my gosh , I love it , I love it ,you do beautiful work. I hope one of those belong to me lol...Hugs!!!

Sweetdrops45 said...

Oh my gosh how cute,, I love it,, I want one lol...Hugs


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