Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Making Memories Slice Elite Quilt

I have wanted to try to learn how to QUILT all my life It just always LOOKED to hard for me.. Stacy from Love that Bug did some videos on making a baby Quilt and I jumped on it.. This is my second one she made it so easy to follow.. If you are wanting to try this and  have NEVER quilted Head on Over to You Tube and she will show you how.She made 7 videos. Pull out your cutter and start Quilting. 
I used the Making Memories Elite Slice the little pink one also the fusible Iron on they have is the Best I ran out so I had to pull out some fusible and wax paper to finish with my cuts worked pretty good.I could not do Like Stacy did I  had to take the wax paper and the fusible and the cloth and iron it ..2 layers of wax paper was to thick..I used the cuts from Applique Basics and The Bunnies from Dilly Dally I cut mine at 4.. I M going to post some pics it will show you the stitch I used and the settings..Once you get ready just go watch Stacy and and you will have a quilt in no time. GOOD LUCK it is so much FUN!!!

Flower from Applique Basics
and I used the leaves from another flower from the Applique Basics

Used printer paper and water to sew on applique
Used the basting spray and cut an old Folder so I would not get the spray every where

Squaring up
I used stitch 42

start sewing where you can continue all the way 

my stitch width



NickelNook said...

Oh, Mary!! It's just FABULOUS!! I love the pretty colors and the fun designs! Yay for you, my friend! You're a quilter!...Nancy :o)
(I was out of commission for a bit so I think I may have missed a few posts! This is already your second quilt! lol)

lovemypaper said...

Super cute!

Debbie Buckland said...

Awesome! You are getting way too fancy for me girl!

Missy said...

Wow, your quilt turned out terrific! Thanks for the info on how you did it--that thing looks very interesting!!! ;)

Missy said...

Fantastic quilt! Great colors--thanks for the info on the machine you used to make it, too!!


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