Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BROTHER Embroidery PE500

I was so HAPPY to get this machine I have been wanting one for a long time.. I did not want to spend a fortune and this was JUST PERFECT for me and what I wanted to do with it.. I have been playing with it for almost 2 weeks and I have got to say I LOVE IT!!! I kiss it goodnight ...LOLOLOL
It is so much fun O my gosh they have free files all over the internet too for this machine make sure you check the sizes before you down load are buy if it is bigger than 4 x 4 it will not work.. You will be looking for PES files.. You Tube has some great tuts to watch too.. Here is a little quickie I made I M hoping to make a step by step one.. If you get one let me see what you make PLEASE..


NickelNook said...

It's so fun hearing how much fun you're having! Happy days to you!...Nancy :o)

lovemypaper said...

WOW I see you are having so much fun!

lovemypaper said...

Pop by to say Hi!

Debbie Buckland said...

Wowsa girl. Just. Screeds ahead of me!
I hand embroider. My machine ain't that fancy!
You will soon be giving me lessons!

lovemypaper said...

Stopping to say hi!


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