Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LOVE THAT BUG --Create A Critter Series 27

O GOODIE I M catching Up.... Hope (my sister) is going to have a fit when she sees these.. She done stole one..:O) Dont forget go to LOVE THAT BUG for all the INFO and to Folow along and to see a VIDEO.. Stacy is working so hard..IT is a STICKY SITUATION... :O) LOLOLOLOLOL O I know my Bones is BIG.. I used my Design Studio and I could not get it to go under a INCH????? I am having some trouble seeing on my GYPSY!! O and I was in a HURRY TOO...I wanted to get caught up!!!


Love That Bug said...

This is so cute. LOL at the sticky situation, too funny

Kelly G said...

Glad to see that you are catching up - I was wondering what had happened. I must admit between you and Stacy - I am seriously thinking about sitting down and making these cards - so far I have using this cart for other projects.


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