Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I got to go to CKS I had a ball This me and My sister she gets LOST so I have to keep a leash on her) I got the bottom wires on(UPDATE AWFUL) Hooter gets his biopsy Thursday(UPDATE THEY DID NOT DO IT RESCHEDULED for the 22???) and then friday his legs checked out and THEN by SATURDAY are Sunday I M hoping things will be back to normal(UPDATE THEY AINT) All I have had time for is to go to FACEBOOK and feed my critters and just sit and play a little while THANK U to my sisters for taking care of my FACEBOOK too..:O)
WANt to get back to Blog Hopping I just tried to sign in and now they wanting a cell phone number I do Not have a CELL PHONE my hubbie does but i do not I do not want one.. I have a tablet Not a IPAD just a coby .. I loves my coby 8024.. Any how My eclips should be here Friday and I can not wait to start making stuff with it will be POSTING SOON!!!(UPDATE I gots it!!)


Sue in CT said...

Oh wow. I guess you will be busy when it comes. You kow what else you need? A butterfly. In fact, I just happen to have one for you. I am awarding you the Butterfly Award. You can use the direct link
(Sorry but I don't know how to link it when there are no editing buttons) or just go to my blog and scroll down past the hurricane.
Congrats on the award!

NickelNook said...

LOL!! I always smile as soon as I see the "Crazy" listed in my Blogger Reader! Then I read a fun post like that and you KNOW it cracks me up! I have to say I really like the BIG font! :o) I'm sorry you're still having troubles leaving comments! You still couldn't do it after unchecking the "stay signed in"? That's always fixed the problem before! I just can't help you then Mary, sorry! Maybe if you throw your computer through a window...that's what I'm often tempted to do! lol Good to hear from you!...Nancy :o)

Groovy Deborah said...

LOL at the sisterly leash!!!


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