Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I M still having a horrible time trying to  Post comments on Pages I M trying to use Firefox now .. NO FUN!! MY IE is a NO GO AT ALL!! I tried GOOGLE to. What is going on With it. I M a BLOG HOPPER I Love Blog Hopping I have not been able to Hop in a LONG time.. I M SO SAD.. I guess I got to go LOOKING around to see what is going on.It will work on some but very very few.. It might work one time but Not today..I got to past on a couple.. I come to my Blog And O MY gosh it has all changed WOW .. I M typing this to see will it work.. I think I go lay down I M getting a head AKE.. LOLOLOL
WOW this is a really Big FONT is it going to stay like this. WOW if It does I think I might be liking the new type box..  I will not type this big again I go see.. HAHAHAHHA  RUT RO How I get out of here.. O gosh I M LOST!!

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Tracy said...

Oh I know all about blogger woes.
The disabled my blog for a whole day. I was so upset, I thought I had lost my blog.
But it is back and I am trying to figure out how to put it into paper form
Good luck to you on yours.


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