Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WELL It is here it is so pretty My Favorite color..
I can not wait till they get the SCAL software ready for it then I will be HAPPIER!!!


ScrappyKsue said...

Oh my goodness Mary! I just came across your YouTube Channel and I cannot stop laughing. You and your sisters are so funny. Yall made my day. Would you believe I watched all of your "personal" videos and did not look at a one of the scrapbooking ones? Once I saw how crazy you guys were, I could not stop watching. I guess now I can go back and watch the scrapbooking ones huh? Can't wait to see more.

lovemypaper said...

Very pretty!

Staying Crafty said...

Looks like fun! :)

Love That Bug said...

Your new toy looks like so much fun.
Hope you enjoy it
Hugs, Stacy


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