Saturday, March 26, 2011

LOVE THAT BUG --Create A Critter Series 20

CAC 20 Stacy I used that circle piece it LOOKS like one of them Port Holes to me..:O)
U just make me SMILE from EAR TO EAR... :O) I m having so much FUN! Thank U Thank U!! CAuse I m having some real bad times and this makes it Brighter..One of My cats got run over and is dead..:O(
GO to LOVE that BUG for the instructions and to Play along she is going to have a Surprize when we get done.. I Loved SURPRIZES..:O)


Love That Bug said...

Your card is fantastic. I didn't even think of a port hole. I even asked my husband and he had no idea either.
OMG~~I am so sorry sweetie to hear about your cat. That is horrible news.
Sending you lots of sympathy hugs

Tracy said...

Ohhh Mary so sorry to hear about your cat. That just breaks my heart.

Your card is adorable. Stacy is just rocking that cartridge and you right along side her :)


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