Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tracy's Treasures And the Owl Spins.....

My Poor Little Hubbie has been so sick and I ran acorss Tracy's card and Thought TAH DAH. It worked to HE LAFFED AND LAFFED.. He Loved it.. He even tole me he LOVED ME SO MUCH aint that sweet.. Thank You Tracy you put a SMILE on my sick Little Hubbies face..

This card was not hard at all Go to Tracy's Treasures for step by step Instructions and a video.. I LOVE video Tuts... THANK U THANK You To ALL that do them!!!!
I used The Stamps Of Life Stamps... ♥♥♥


Love That Bug said...

This is adorable. I absolutely love it. Hope your hubby feels better soon

HopeyNSC said...

This is just perfect.. I do so hope Hooter Man feels better really soon... Miss you hooters.. Love you, tooooooooo. Hopey

Shirley said...

Too cute for words, Mary! I love those eyes and your card layout with the rounded edges too!

Tracy said...

Teehee, so happy I inspired you to make this card for your hubby. Now tell him to get better.
Also thank you for giving me credit and the shout out :)

Love That Bug said...

Hey sweetie,
Just me again. I wanted to let you know I have a blog award for you :)


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