Friday, March 11, 2011


O MY GOSH O MY GOSH I have been so "SCARED" to try this I thought it was going to be One big MESS and I figured I would have to do it several times SO the first time I did it I used one of my Old T Shirts..

GUESS What it worked Perfect and THE BEST PART is O MY GOODNESS I did not make a mess and I was wondering would I be able to put the extra paint back in the jar .. YES YES YES..

I LOVE IT!! I M so glad I got it.. I am going to be able to cover up a lot of my stained shrits... I cant wait to make a card with it... :O)
I just might have to ask for the BIG YUDU for My Birthday!! So I can make my own designs..

I LOVE MY Little YUDU.. ♥♥♥
I have got to add That I washed my shirt and the Tweet BIRD did fine It did not wash out... YIPIEEEE I made me another one too Cant get enuff of the bird..:O)


Love That Bug said...

Your shirt is adorable. I saw this at launch and was so tempted to order it. I may have to now, though I do want to get the big one
It is adorable, can't wait to see what you do with cards with it

Lisa's Scrap Site said...

I knew you could do it,love the shirt! ;)

Tracy said...

My hubby offered to get me this last year. I told him I wouldn't use it.
Then I made a t shirt for my daughter's BDay, with the cricut and some sticky vinyl for the stencil.
It turned out so good that everyone wants me to make them a personal tshirt...I should have let hubby buy me one.
Your shirt turned out perfect, nice and crisp.
Thank you for leaving me a sweet comment on my blog :)


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